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About Don't Shred on Me! Alliance

A regional / national / international alliance to help defend natural areas and wilderness from intrusion of mountain biking & MTB trails.

  • DSoM == Don't Shred On Me!
  • DSoM is not associated with any one person or group.
  • No governance proposed (at this time). Just purposes, and values.
  • Website:
  • Website would be Seeded from the MTB content curated by Vandeman.
  • Mailing list - maintained, guarded, and powered by MJV as is.

Core Philosophy / Principles / Strategy / Platform

  • No Bikes in Wilderness Areas
  • No MTB in Natural Areas set aside for Water Quality and Wildlife (Nature!).

Reference Material / Bibliography / Resources

  • FAQ:
  • MTB Play Book: Compile all the mountain bikers' arguments, with refutations of them.
  • Guide for elected officials and policy makers: What can they say to MTB who push for access to natural areas, sensitive public land?
  • Guide for Land Managers: What they can do to keep control of land they manage.

DSOM Directory

  • Regional chapters with local issues (situations) and optional contacts:
    	Vancouver, BC metro area
    	Seattle metro area
    	Portland metro area
    	Northern California
    	Bay Area
    	Monterey Bay (Central California Coast)
    	Southern California
    	Denver metro area?
    	East Coast, Boston
  • Directory of proactive, watchdog groups. What are they?
  • Directory of conservation groups that are pro-mountain-biking. Critiques of their postions.
  • Directory of mountain-biking groups. Critiques of their postions.

Don't Shred on Me News & Opinions

  • News about the DSoM alliance.
  • Comments on current events.
  • Alerts - sent out in MJV email.
  • News & alerts posted on Facebook/Twitter.
  • Opinions on current state of affairs.

Call to Action

what people can do short term and long term?

Archive of media articles

  • By category = (injury, digging, poaching, lying BS,...)
  • Plain text of article (summary/edited if long) with link to appearance.
  • Compiled from 100's (1000's) of Mike's daily mailings.
  • Include Photos from articles? Potential Copyright issues?

Background Notes

If each 'location' (Natural Area) had small organization and website describing the location, then each could join the DSoM Alliance.

Non-profit status could be a long term goal, but isn't necessary unless you want to solicit tax deducible donations.

All is needed is and in-name-only organization. All we need is this website which can be referenced when dealing with GOV agencies and elected officials, or in any other communication.

Maybe we should piggy-back on the anti-ORV groups, and try to get them involved in stopping mountain biking. I think that most people probably think that mountain biking is minor, compared to ORVs, but, as you know, it's not true! Most of our parks don't allow ORVs, but do allow mountain bikes. And mountain bikers are continually pushing for more and more trails, which add up to a huge amount of habitat destruction. (Remember, the destruction is not just in the trailbed; the presence of people drives away the wildlife from a wide swath over a mile on either side of the trail!)

Mountain Biking Hall of Crime

Sample Tweet: I asked the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame how many of their inductees are criminals like Digger, but they didn't respond! What a shock!

Mountain Bike Hall of Fame DSoM could feature these guys!

Lobby the following groups?

Unfortunately, none of these address the harm mountain biking does:
American Civil Liberties Union
Americans for NonSmokers' Rights (not tax-deductable)
Association for Environmental and Outdoor Education
California League of Conservation Voters
California Native Plant Society
California Peace Action
California Wilderness Coalition
Center for Biological Diversity
Center for Marine Conservation (see Ocean Conservancy)
Communities for a Better Environment
Earth Justice Legal Defense
Ecocity Builders
Environmental Action
Forest Forever, Inc
Friends of the Earth
Friends of the River
FSEEE (Forest Service Employees for Environmental Ethics)
Greenpeace Inc
Natural Resources Defense Council
Nature Conservancy
NAAEE (North Amer. Assn. for Env. Educ.)
Public Citizen
Rainforest Action Network
San Bruno Mountain Watch
Save the Bay
Sempervirens Fund
Sierra Club
Society for Conservation Biology
Southwest Ctr for Biological Diversity
Trust for Public Land
Union of Concerned Scientists
Western Environmental Law Center
Western States Legal Foundation
Wild Earth Guardians (successor to Wildlands CPR)
Wilderness Watch
(List edited.)


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