The MTBikers Playbook

This is just a start. There are many more to be added.
  1. Mountain Bikers claim discrimination - that they are an Excluded Class of Users, or an excluded user group, that they are not allowed into nature simply because they choose to worship on two wheels. The fallacy - they have the same access as other two-footed folks. MTBikes are objects, with no intrinsic rights.
  2. It kills MTBikers that they aren't allowed to ride on every wooded slope in the city, especially when it is nearby. No matter if it's private or public — if it isn't being used, it's fair game.
  3. MTBikers say their poor kids are deprived of the thrill of splashing through a stream or feeling the snap of a twig under their front wheel.
  4. MTBikers shame us for forcing them to drive for OVER an hour to practice their sport, increasing their carbon footprint. It's our fault.

    They even got Mayor Hales to buy into this narrative. (Operative word: 'appropriate')

  5. MTBikers like to claim that if they were allowed into a Natural Area, they'd keep the homeless bums out.
  6. MTBikers like to claim they are the ones who pick up bags of dog poop left by dog walkers. Therefore, dog should be banned, and they should be praised, and allowed to ride.
  7. MTBikers like to claim that their presence does not disturb wildlife, or that there is no wildlife to disturb in an area.
  8. MTBikers like to claim they've never had a conflict with another trail user.
  9. MTBikers like to claim they've never run into another trail user (whatever that means).
  10. MTBikers like to claim that shared use trails work 'countless' places all over the world, and that Portlanders are just plain stupid for not opening their eyes to their 'fact'.
  11. MTBikers like to claim that Hikers are the anti-sharing crowd.... Like, why don't hikers want to hike with us on our downhill flow trails? (Really those trails are ONLY for downhill bikers, not hikers.)
  12. MTBikers like to claim their impact is slight. (Is this regardless of the number of runs they make in a given day?)
  13. MTBikers like to claim X [insert latest talking point here].
  14. MTBikers claim that Portland could become a world class mountain biking destination. People would travel from around the NW region, even internationally, generating millions of tourist dollars. That sounds impactful!
  15. MTBikers like to say that those who oppose are naysaying, anti-science, grumpy, NIMBY haters.
  16. MTBikers like to say that WE ALL WANT THE SAME THING, as a way of forcing their view on others. No. We. Don't. Want. the. same. thing.
  17. MTBikers like to claim that since MTBikes are illegal everywhere that they are forced to dig trails in secret locations on unguarded public and private properties near where they need to ride..
  18. MTBikers like to claim that they are being discriminated against, and therefore justified in civil disobedience (i.e. poaching trails). In fact, true civil disobedience is done openly with advance notice. Mountain bikers do it secretly, without notice.
  19. MTBikers like to claim that every trail that ever was in all of history was an illegal trail before if became recognized and legalized.
  20. MTBikers like to ... X.
  21. MTBikers like to play the victim, and act out like a adolescent.


  22. MTBikers want to Ride to their Ride. So that means MTB slopes as plentiful as public ballfields and tennis courts? Transit can be used, but transit has limited capacity for bikes, and less weekend service in some areas. Riding to their Ride is a worthy goal, but is it practical? Many of them drive to Forest Park or other place to save street time. If there are a few epic sites in the city, many more will be able to access them in the evening, etc, perhaps expending even more Total Carbon than a fewer number going out to larger areas less frequently. No one really knows - But it sounds good.